How to deactivate/delete a KIK account- Permanently?

Although, KIK is one of the most popular instant messengers nowadays but if you are looking to delete or deactivate your KIK account for some reason, here is the guide for you.

WHAT DOES KIK DO?: The app lets you send unlimited texts and different kinds of media over an internet connection. It is a great platform to catch up with your friends or discover new friends and chat with strangers anonymously online.

However, while social media and other virtual communities are a great way to interact with friends and meet new people from across the world, they can also be overwhelming or time consuming. Sometimes you just need a break for a while, or you simply move on and no longer need these platforms. For these, or any other personal reasons, if you have decided to get rid of your KIK account, here’s our guide to help you with it:

How to deactivate KIK account:

If you decide to temporarily deactivate your KIK account, remember that you’ll no longer be able to receive messages, your chat history will be deleted, your username can’t be searched by other users and your contact will be deleted from your friends’ contact lists. Although, You can reactivate your account any time simply by logging in like usual.


For (TEMPORARILY) deactivating your KIK account:


  • Go to the KIK app.
  • Find the SETTINGS and select: Account
  • Now, Hit the RESET option.
  • Enter your e-mail address, make sure to use the e-mail which you created your KIK account with, without the e-mail this process cannot go through.
  • Open your e-mail, find the e-mail from KIK official e-mail address( make sure of- checking spams folder if you can’t find it in your primary inbox).
  • Click the de-activation link in the e-mail sent from KIK and VOILA! KIK deactivation is done.


  • Directly visit this link:
  • On the website, where asked, enter your e-mail address, which is linked with your KIK account.
  • Once again, go to your e-mail, Check your Inbox, find the deactivation e-mail from KIK.
  • Once done, click on the link provided. VOILA! KIK deactivation is done.

Why are you eager for KIK Deactivation?

There can be any number of reasons why someone might decide to temporarily deactivate their kik account, and some of them might have other solutions too.

– A lot of times, people may decide to suspend their account when they are being bothered online. If someone harasses you with unwanted messages or media, sends you spam messages, or pesters you to disclose personal information, remember that you can get rid of any situation or conversation that makes you uncomfortable. KIK has multiple provisions to keep you safe online and you must immediately block and report accounts that display inappropriate behaviour or bullying.

– Other people might simply need a break from online socialising because of multiple reasons in their personal lives like exams, school, busy at work, etc.

How to permanently delete KIK?

Apart from temporarily deactivating your KIK account, you have the option to permanently delete your account. Remember that once your account has been deleted, it cannot be reactivated, you cannot log in or access any data linked to your account, including your contacts, chats, media, etc. You will not receive any texts or emails from KIK and your username will no longer be searchable by other users and your contacts. Your contact will also be removed from all the contact lists that you are a part of. Due to all these reasons, it is important that you are completely sure before deleting your account.

To permanently delete your account:


  • Once you open the link, you’ll be required to fill in your details. Type in your exact unique username, and your email address that is linked to your KIK account. Remember that need to have access to this email, without which you can neither deactivate, not delete your account.
  • You’ll also be required to provide a reason for deleting your account, and you can choose to put in additional information, suggestions, etc. Once you tick the consent box, you can click on ‘GO’.
  • You’ll shortly receive an email from KIK on your registered email address. (Check spam folders if you don’t receive an email on your primary inbox). The email will contain a link. Once you click and visit the link, your account will be deleted.

Should you permanently delete KIK account?

There are multiple reasons why someone might wanna do away with their account permanently:

Some users might want to make a new account and start afresh.

People may also decide to do away virtual socialisation to spend more time socialising in the real world.

Some people may have friends and contacts who left the messenger, thus reducing its popularity for them, or some might just be over it.

Hope we helped, if you have any doubts please reach out to us on our e-mail or comments below!


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