How to Change KIK Usernames (With FAQs)

Kik usernames are one of the most central features of KIK Messenger. Note that there’s a difference between the username and the Display name. The username is unique to every account and can’t be changed. It is used to add people as you can search for other users only through user names and not display names, emails, etc. You can use letters, numbers, periods and underscores to create your username, but not any other character. The Display name is what your friends see as your name in their chat list and group info. Display names are not permanent like Usernames and can be changed multiple times. They can also include letters, numbers, other characters, and even emojis.

How to Change KIK Usernames (With FAQs)

You can check someone’s username by tapping on their profile picture, and click on ‘view profile’ to open their profile. The name under their profile picture is the display name. The username appears in grey font under the display name, in a smaller font.

How to Change KIK Username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username on KIK. The username is unique to each account and the permanent identity. Your account can be searched by others primarily through your username, so making changes to it once you’ve decided on one while setting up your account is not possible.

For a new username, you would have to go through the entire procedure of setting up a new account with a new email address. For these reasons, it is important to pick an appropriate username while setting up your account. You have to remember that the username will stay with you for as long as you use that account, better be careful.

You can, however, change the display name as many times as you want.

How to change Display name?

To change your display name, you simply have to tap on ‘settings’, select ‘Your account’, then select ‘Name’, and here you can edit and change your Display name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about KIK user names:

Q. Does KIK display names?

Ans: KIK has very strong anonymity and privacy policy, it only Displays your Display name, which you can edit and change at any point, your username, which is permanent and unique to your account, and your profile picture. Other personal information, including your real name, email address, phone number, etc is not visible.

Q. Can you hide your KIK username?

Ans. You cannot hide your username per se, but you can keep it pretty private. For someone to find you, they have to search your exact username, so the best way to keep your account private is by picking a pretty exclusive username that can’t be easily guessed. Use a strong combination of letters, numbers and characters. Your y=username will still be visible to your contacts and to members of any group that you are a part of.

Q. How do I recover my KIK username?

Ans. If you forget your username, you can recover it easily. Firstly it’s visible on your profile under your display name. If you are logged out, you can log in via your registered email address and check your username. Finally, if nothing else works, you can go through your emails and find the KIK conformation male, you’ll find your username in there. If by chance, you have lost both your email address and username, we’re afraid you won’t be able to log in to your account, as KIK only uses your email for account verification.

Q. How to delete KIK username?

Ans. You cannot delete your KIK username, as it is permanent and cannot be changed. No account can exist without a username. You can, however, delete or deactivate your account to get rid of your username.

Q. What is temporary & permanent deactivation and How to do it?

Temporary deactivation would mean that you won’t receive messages or emails, your username would not be searchable and your contact would disappear from the contact lists of people that you have talked to. With temporary deactivation, you can always re-activate your account simply by logging in again.

To temporarily deactivate your account:

  1. Visit the deactivation website for KIK, which you can find by a simple google search or visit the url:
  2. Enter the registered email address associated with your account. The KIK support will then send you a link on your email to your registered email address. You can click on that link to deactivate your account.

Permanent deactivation or deleting your account will make your account inaccessible, and you can no longer re-activate it by logging in.

To permanently delete your account:

  1. First, visit the permanent deactivation website:
  2. Here you have to enter the registered email address associated with your account. The KIK support will then send you a link on your email to your registered email address. You can click on that link to delete your account.

Q. How to pick a good username?

Ans. Since your user name is permanent, it is essential that you pick one that you won’t come to regret later. The best usernames use a strong combination of characters, letters and numbers. If you can’t think of one yourself there are different username generating websites on the internet that use special bots to help generate unique usernames for you. You can use those websites to browse through hundreds of usernames to find the one that impresses you the most.