What is KIK & How Does it Work?

Have you been wondering this whole time What is KIK app all about, what is KIK used for, just like us before the hooked up tot he app forever and this information portal happened? Well, let me have a chance to explain this app to you and maybe I can help you making a decision on whether you want to get in the groups or start using this app?

What is KIK?

KIK is an instant messaging app, available to download for free on multiple platforms. Like other popular messengers (like Whatsapp, BBM messenger, etc), it helps you connect with your family and friends online; but what sets this app apart from the rest of the free instant messaging apps is that it is not merely used to catch up with people you already know, but is also a platform to meet new people from across the world and chat with them anonymously, in public groups and private chats.

DOES IT CONCERN MY SAFETY? It does not concern for your safety because you meet them and talk to them but have full control on revealing your identity when you are comfortable enough or maybe never!

EXPLAINED: The app comes with an inbuilt browser so you can surf the internet or play games while chatting. It is also popular because of its strict policy of maintaining user anonymity and privacy, giving you much more freedom to interact with people. Anonymity means that the app does not require extensive verification to set up an account, as we will see later in this article; while under their privacy policy, all private information apart from your profile picture, display name and your username will always be kept confidential.

What is KIK & How Does it Work?

How does KIK work?- What is KIK used for?

This app works mostly like your regular messengers- you can download it from the Google play store, or the App store for iOS and and then sign up, or log in if you already have an account. All you need for signing up is a functional email address- not even a working phone number, although you can add a phone number voluntarily.

With KIK, you do not need to worry about any privacy issue- the phone number will be kept private, of course. The app uses an internet connection to send and receive unlimited texts, multimedia, etc. Once you have signed up and logged in, you can start adding friends and meeting new people.

Now, Let’s go through these procedures in detail:

Signing UP for KIK

– Once you’ve downloaded the app for your Android or iOS device, you are ready to set up an account for yourself.

– Tap ‘Register Account’ to start, fill in all the required details, add a profile picture and choose a unique username. Remember to put in an authentic working email address, as that’s all you will need to verify your account.

– Now, you can choose to allow or not allow the application to access your contacts i.e. the contacts saved on your mobile phone. There is no compulsion to allow access, so you can skip this step. You can also always allow access to contacts later.

– Next you can click on ‘Find People’ to find friends and your contacts through their user-names to start socialising.

– Finally, you need to confirm and verify your email address to complete the sign up process and start using your account.

Chatting on KIK

To start chatting with someone, you simply need to click on their contact and tap on the ‘Chat’ option. Then, you can enter your text and click on send. You can also add characters, emojis, and other media to your text. The chatting procedure is similar to most instant messaging apps and therefore is not very hard to figure out even for first-time users.

The status of your message can be figured out by the little alphabets that appear next to your text. S means that your text has been sent. A faded D means it has been delivered but your friend hasn’t opened the app. A solid D means that they have opened the app but not your text, and finally an R means that they have read your text.

Sharing media on KIK

For media sharing, you have to allow the application access to your gallery of images and videos. The app will not use any media that you don’t voluntarily select for sending, but it is important to remember that it does have access to your gallery.

Once access has been granted :

– Tap on the image or video option above the text box.
– Select the media that you want to send from your gallery, or capture/record it on the spot.
– You can also add text to the message.
– Click on the ‘Send’ option to send it.

There is also a square icon on the right above the chat box on your screen. Here you’ll find the option to attach stickers, links, sketches, memes and even your web history, to your contacts.

What is KIK used for?

KIK is not limited to just being a generic instant messaging app, and people all over the world use the app for multiple things:

– The app lets you share unlimited texts and multimedia without any extra charges as it only requires a working internet connection to function. As a result, it is a great way of keeping in touch with your family and friends.

– Private Group chats are a great way of catching up and talking to multiple people all at once, while Public groups are used more as a way of connecting with strangers. Public chatrooms are open to be joined by anyone and are usually center-ed around a specific topic and are therefore great spaces to meet people who have similar interests as you. These groups can be searched through hashtags and once you create a bond with someone, you can add them to your contacts and move to personal chat.

– Another way of making new friends is the ‘meet new people’ feature at the bottom of your friend list. If you tap that option, the app will automatically match you with a random stranger. You can then talk to the person on personal chat and after fifteen minutes you’ll get the option to add them to your contacts if you want to continue talking to them.

– Owing to this easy way of finding and talking to new people and strangers on the internet without having to disclose much personal information unlike other popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, KIK has also gained popularity as a dating app. The app also offers you greater freedom to interact with the person and get to know them before you start dating.

– In addition to dating, you can also find people looking only for specific kinds of conversations like sexting. For those purposes, many third-party sources can help you find friends on KIK who have the same expectations from a conversation as you.

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